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Chicheley Lodge

Thrapston Masonic Hall
Hortons Lane
NN14 4LD

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Northamptonshire and

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Every Freemason accepts the principle of charitable giving whether it is in the form of giving time and effort or by making a direct financial contribution and it is considered a cornerstone of the organisation. The manner of giving is entirely at the discretion of the individual.


Members of Chicheley Lodge give freely to raise money for local charities with which they have a special relationship and also give time to help people who have special needs.

Money is also donated to the Province of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire which in turn donates to Masonic and national charities.

Money is regularly raised from raffles and special events such as sponsored bike rides and is often at the instigation of and organised by, individual members.

Masonic Charitable Foundation

The Click Here for a link to a page of the Masonic Charitable Foundation website which has important information about its grant making for the benefit of Masonic families and the wider community in this Province.

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